Kevin Balagadde (8th Man-SMACK)

Kevin is one of those number 8s born for the role. He is tall, solid and very fearless. One of the players who will have a rugby face all day, and one with the knowledge of the game. He currently leads the leaderboards with 6 tries, 4 of them being solo tries, and has capatained a very valiant SMACK side. He has been linked with a move to Betway Kobs, though a number of rumours have popped him up as replacement of Kasule Raymond in the number 8 role at Makerere Impis.

SMACK’s Balagadde is causing unrest at a number of clubs

Timothy Kasozi (8th Man-Kings College Budo)

Another number 8 made by the hand of God himself. Whoever watched Marvin Odongo as captain of the 2011 Budo side would be filled with nostalgia at the sight of Kasozi on pitch. Kasozi captains the Budo team that looks well revived and are strong title contenders, with whom he has delivered 3 tries. Unlike Balagadde who gets into the dirt, Kasozi is a chubbier but smart and clean 8. He knows when to offload, where to run and how to avoid the tackle. Rarely gets dirty, covers a lot of distance, and has the imposing stature of a desired captain. He looks set to join Black Pirates RFC as an understudy to Odong and also to feature in one of the flank positions

Simbwa ‘Panda’ Andrew (Inside Centre-MACOS)

Short, thick and bolting fast is the description that satisfactorily describes Panda. Standing at the number 12 position, Panda is what rugby appreciates as a crushing centre. You will cover ground with him, and should he fail to find a way, his power gained on the pace will give the awaiting opponent a thunderous hit that will clear his way. A good ball carrier and a strong runner he is. He personally says he may not carry on with the game after school, though the convincing acumen of MACOS coach Lumu Ritchie may see him join the Rams RFC.

Kisitu Hillary (Flyhalf-Namilyango College)

Pretty boy! Kisitu loves a clean game, and when you see him kick, you literally fall in love with how flawlessly he does it. His open play kicks are beauty to watch, because unlike many other flyhalves this season, he seems to use very little effort. He is a good game reader, though he has a challenge finding touch often. He is rumoured to be on the way to Kyadondo, to join the Hima Cement Heathens, though more rugby critics say he would make a good partnership with Lumu Ritchie and Kibirigge Emmanuel at Rams.

Kisitu in passing motion. He has been stellar at 10