Schools League rugby will have a new champion this year, as defending champions St Mary’s College Kisubi failed to make it past the group stages into the semi finals, and their last shot through an appeal from Light Academy Boys’ Secondary School on their behalf suffered a big blow when the the latter withdrew the charge.

On Monday 27th March, Namilyango College and Kololo SS were still celebrating their qualification in Group A, while SMACK were reeling a close exit. At about the same time, Light Academy was scurrying up an appeal on behalf of SMACK against a Kololo player (Antonio, full back) for being ineligible to participate in the tournament.

Weevils chill
Solid as they may have been, defending champions SMACK are out of the tournament

The Uganda Schools Rugby Association (USRA) received the complaint, and decided to take probe into the query. Among other decisions taken to see that the issue was handled right was the sitting scheduled for Tuesday 28th, at 5:00pm. when the day came, it was ladden with drama.

Valence Bizimana, the chairman USRA informed GRIP that just a few minutes before the sitting took place, Light Academy had a change in mind.

“I was called prior to the meeting by Light Academy informing me of their decision to withdraw the case. SMACK called me a number of times asking me to carry on with the case, but with all fairness we couldn’t go on if the case had been withdrawn ” he said.

Isaac Rujumba, coach Light Academy who lodged-and later withdrew the appeal

When contacted, Light Academy coach Isaac Karugaba Rujumba who had lodged the complaint, was unavailable for comment.

The appeal had been a chance for a lst gasp sneak into the semis by SMACK, who will not be featuring in the semis for the first time in 21 years. Its withdrawal meant that the teams confirmed for the semi finals remained as earlier stated; Kings College Budo, Makerere College School, Namilyango College and Kololo SS.