The Uganda Schools Rugby Association (USRA) summed up the illustrious 2017 Schools League with an evaluation meeting held at the Uganda Rugby Union Offices in Lugogo on Saturday. The meeting was aimed to dive into a detailed assessment of the league, to point out the various successes and challenges from which lessons can be taken to improve Schools Rugby holistically.

In house were the coaches, patrons and medical staff from the various schools that participated in the tourney, as well as a number of officials from the Union. These included the URU President, CEO, Rugby Manager and Technical head Yayiro Musisi Kasasa as well as the Referees manager and training in charge Ramsey Bwali.

URU President addressing the attendance 

The president called for expansion of the league to include more than the prevailing 8 schools, since there is already a huge number of rugby playing schools in the country.

“We are all volunteering towards rugby. It is an already discriminated sport by most parents, and we all need to think of ways how to make them appreciate it because that is how we can help them game to grow” he added, making a reference to Hong Kong where parents are directly involved in their children’s careers.

We had a chance to give a snippet into our media coverage report for the league, which was shared by Sylvester Nnyombi. In it, he called for the provision of celebrity status to the players to urge them to play longer, as well as the provision of information to the media in time.

Sylvester Nnyombi delivering our media report 

USRA chairman Valence Bizimana was very appreciative of our work across the season and applauded all in presence for the good work done that has changed the image of schools rugby in Uganda over the past two years.