When you have watched rugby from the Graveyard, the home of Makerere Impis RFC, you know it is more than just a game. From the support to thrill and the skill, there is always a long story to tell every game day, and it is enough to run you a full week before the next game. This photostory takes you to the graveyard. Action from various games in a long hardened season. Knock yourselves out!

Photo1Players going through final drills before a game

Photo 2The club jerseys set out for players prior to the game

Photo 3A good warrior always prays before battle

photo 4When the boot finally meets the ball, it is action time!

Photo 5Dembe Joel Of Impis (In Green) counting his next move against Gulu Elephants, Google-search.

Photo 6Semwogerere Arnold (in black) charges towards  a Rams player. Bang.

photo 7All hands on deck, Wabwire Edwin goes in to try a turnover. Ruck.

photo 8Crouch, Touch, Pause….ENGAGE!! (If you know what I mean)

photo 9See that guy barking out the instructions? That is a Team Manager doing his work.

Photo 10No pain, rugby. Kabonge Francis receives medical attention.

 photo 11Oh, game is over! Let’s be friends again.

Till next time, goodbye